Israeli Green Party response to US Green Party resolution

The Israeli Green Party strongly opposes the US Green Party resolution calling for divestment and boycott of Israel.

The Israeli Green Party is calling to the US Green Party committee to review its decisions regarding to the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

We are very disappointed that our sister party in the US did not consult with the Israel Green Party before passing this resolution. We hope that this breach in trust between our entities will be remedied with an apology and appropriate action by the US Greens.

The Israeli Green Party feels that the US Green Party has been hijacked by elements of a hidden agenda to undermine the right of Israel to exist!

We are sorry to say that the US Green Party resolution is based on incorrect information, a one sided point of view, and will have a negative effect on the peace process. We have seen many times before, these kinds of decisions are perceived by the Palestinian side as achievements of their strategy of violence involving suicide bombers and missile attacks on Israeli cities. This endorsement results with much more violence and bloodshed.

When the US Green Party discusses the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it should hear both sides of the conflict and should get balanced and fair information. We will give some examples that you probably weren’t aware of when you made your decisions:

  1. Did you know that the Palestinian educational system and the pupil text books flaunt full anti-Semitic ideas with no recognition of the right of the Jewish people for a state on their historic home land?
  2. Did you know that in the Palestinian media there is glorification of violence and of suicide bombers?
  3. Did you know that the Arab and Palestinian media is inundated by anti-Semitic ideas and there are daily calls for jihad on Israel and calls for throwing the Jews to the sea?
  4. Did you know that many Palestinian originations including the PLO never dropped their master plan to demolish Israel in stages?
  5. Did you know that in Israel live millions of Jewish refugees and their descendants from Arab countries?
  6. Did you know that Arab countries pillage the private and community property of these Jewish refugees, which are worth today hundreds of billons dollars?
  7. Did you know about the costly effort of Israel to settle Jewish refugees from all over the world in Israel?

We also should point out that Israel is the only free democratic country in the region, with freedom of speech, free press, and a free and independent judicial system.
From our point view all Israeli citizens from all religions have equal rights. All Israelis have the right to vote and run for parliament. We are not aware of any state violation of human right of any Israeli citizens.

Furthermore, we know that there is a big effort to prevent and minimize human rights violations on territories. We are “sorry” that the Israeli army prevents Palestinian suicide bombers from “expressing” their “human rights” to bomb themselves among Israeli citizens.

We should point out that the US and many free countries have strong economic ties with many countries in regions where the words “human rights” have no meaning – with countries that have hundreds of millions of citizens that don’t know what even a basic human right is! We are amazed that US Green Party is doing nothing to stop these human right abuses!

You should notice that, unlike the US and the Arab countries, in Israel there is no death penalty.

We're sorry to see this kind of decision made by the US Green Party, when at the same time there are calls by Arab leaders to destroy the state of Israel and deport the Jews from it.

This decision demonstrates that the US Green Party doesn’t have a global point of view and is making unfair and unbalanced decisions based on partial information.

On another note the Israeli Green Party calls on the US Green Party to increase pressure on the US government to implement the Kyoto protocol. We feel that millions of people lose their human right to live because the US is the major contributor to global warming!

Pe'er Visner
Israeli Green Party chairman
Tel-aviv deputy mayor